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Mineralización de talco asociada a los cuerpos ultramáficos de la Faja del Río de Las Tunas, Cordillera Frontal de Mendoza

Author(s): Gargiulo, María Florencia | Bjerg, Ernesto A.

Journal: Serie Correlación Geológica
ISSN 1514-4186

Volume: 28;
Issue: I;
Start page: 117;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Talc | Ultramaphic bodies | Río de Las Tunas belt | Frontal Cordillera | Mendoza.

Talc mineralization related to the ultramafic bodies of the Río de Las Tunas belt, Frontal Cordillera of Mendoza province. This contribution shows the main characteristics of the talc mineralization related to the Río de Las Tunas ultramafic bodies in the Salamanca Mining District, Frontal Cordillera of Mendoza province. According to the parageneses defined on the studied samples, three generations of talc were established: 1º) crystallized in metaperidotites and related to the prograde stage of the regional metamorphism; 2º) crystallized inreaction zones (mostly in the talc zone) developed at the boundary between metaperidotites and their country-rocks.These reaction zones evidence a metasomatic process due to geochemical gradient between the ultramafic body and their country-rocks. This process was developed during the retrogression of the regional metamorphic cycle. 3º) Talc present in shear-zones that cut across the ultramafic bodies. The extreme serpentinization of the ultramaficbodies is concentrated in shear-zones where the serpentine is subsequently replaced by talc ± carbonates related with a hydrothermal stage. Aqueous fluids relatively enriched in CO2 flowed through these shear-zones causing the cease of serpentine formation favoring the talc and/or carbonates. Mined talc deposits are those in shear zones and reaction zones. They are mostly industrial-, asbestine- or talcschist-type. The talc related to the hydrothermal stage can locally reach first and extra qualities.

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