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Modeling Natural Gas Productivity Recovery from a Hydrate Reservoir Well

Author(s): Bin Dou | Hui Gao | Binbin Fan | Lei Ren

Journal: Engineering
ISSN 1947-3931

Volume: 05;
Issue: 04;
Start page: 355;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Gas Hydrates | Natural Gas Production | Hydrate Dissociation | Models | Energy Sources

The hydrocarbon deposits have stimulated worldwide efforts to understand gas production from hydrate dissociation in hydrate reservoirs well. This paper deals with the potential of gas hydrates as a source of energy which is widely available in permafrost and oceanic sediments. It discusses methods for gas production from natural gas hydrates. Authors provide a detailed methodology used to model gas productivity recovery from hydrate reservoir well. The mathematical modelling of gas dissociation from hydrate reservoir as a tool for evaluating the potential of gas hydrates for natural gas production. The simulation results show that the process of natural gas production in a hydrate reservoir is a sensitive function of reservoir temperature and hydrate zone permeability. The model couples nth order decomposition kinetics with gas flow through porous media. The models provide a simple and useful tool for hydrate reservoir analysis.

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