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Modelling of Planned Change of Organizational Work Processes in Terms of Process’ Internal Structure

Author(s): Mantas Vilkas | Edmundas Regimundas Stancikas

Journal: Engineering Economics
ISSN 1392-2785

Volume: 4;
Start page: 76;
Date: 2006;
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Keywords: planned change | work processes | change of work processes

In planned change field previous research mostly focused on organizational level factors and their influence on the outcome of change. Organization size, history of innovations, senior management support, organizational culture, political aspects were considered as important factors influencing change process. Less attention was paid to understanding the process through which new behaviours are developed and change plans become ongoing practice.Therefore this article focuses on planned change of organizational work process. This enables to analyze change in intermediate level between organization and individual.Consequently the research question of the article is how organizational work processes change in the context of planned, purposive change in terms of process internal structure. The article sheds light on micro processes that occur inside the organizational work processes that undergo planned, purposive change. It reveals how change plans are translated into action and by doing so, if andhow they got modified, adapted and changed.The planned change of organizational work process is modelled in terms of Feldman’s and Pentland’s (2003) theory of internal structure of organizational processes. According to proposed model of planned change of organizational work process, change of work process occurs through conceptualization and communication of change and adaptation of change (discovery and integration of new process performance).

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