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Modelo Metodológico Para El Desarrollo De Videojuegos En 3D SoFtSeReBii

Author(s): Juan Carlos Díaz Ulloa | Jhonny Castillo Gordo

Journal: ENGI : Revista Electrónica de la Facultad de Ingenieria
ISSN 2256-5612

Volume: 1;
Issue: 2;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Blender | Gimp | Unity 3D

Methodological model for the development of video games in 3D SoFtSeReBii has as object realize a document for the production of a model that it demonstrates the process logicians in the creation of a video game 3D applying methods of engineering software across a graphical engine, using tools of free software (Blender and Gimp) them combining with the graphical engine free version Unity 3D, that has the aptitude to be used by users of low and half knowledge for his education applied to any tool of existing software for this end.
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