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Modelo de regresión logística aplicado a niños con maloclusión dental

Author(s): A. Flores, Lorenzo

Journal: Fundamentos en Humanidades
ISSN 1515-4467

Volume: VII;
Issue: 13-14;
Start page: 201;
Date: 2006;
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Keywords: logistic regression - malocclusion - class I | II and III - dental crowding - dental malposition

Although beauty standards depend on historical periods and cultural differences, esthetics has always been a people¿s concern. Communication processes, including smiling, are the key to human relationships, so dental care and teeth position are of paramount importance. Among the various types of malocclusions, Class I is the most frequent worldwide, there are also Class II and Class III malocclusions which have specific clinic and etiologic characteristics. Consequently, the alternative for treatment will depend on several factors such as age and malocclusion severity. To determine the variables that affect most the studied group, a model of Logistic Regression was used.
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