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Molecular systematics of the marine Dothideomycetes

Author(s): S. Suetrong | C.L. Schoch | J.W. Spatafora | J. Kohlmeyer | B. Volkmann-Kohlmeyer | J. Sakayaroj | S. Phongpaichit | K. Tanaka | K. Hirayama | E.B.G. Jones

Journal: Studies in Mycology
ISSN 0166-0616

Volume: 64;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 155;
Date: 2009;
Original page

Keywords: Dothideomycetes | ecology | marine fungi | multi-locus | new genera | systematics

Phylogenetic analyses of four nuclear genes, namely the large and small subunits of the nuclear ribosomal RNA, transcription elongation factor 1-alpha and the second largest RNA polymerase II subunit, established that the ecological group of marine bitunicate ascomycetes has representatives in the orders Capnodiales, Hysteriales, Jahnulales, Mytilinidiales, Patellariales and Pleosporales. Most of the fungi sequenced were intertidal mangrove taxa and belong to members of 12 families in the Pleosporales: Aigialaceae, Didymellaceae, Leptosphaeriaceae, Lenthitheciaceae, Lophiostomataceae, Massarinaceae, Montagnulaceae, Morosphaeriaceae, Phaeosphaeriaceae, Pleosporaceae, Testudinaceae and Trematosphaeriaceae. Two new families are described: Aigialaceae and Morosphaeriaceae, and three new genera proposed: Halomassarina, Morosphaeria and Rimora. Few marine species are reported from the Dothideomycetidae (e.g. Mycosphaerellaceae, Capnodiales), a group poorly studied at the molecular level. New marine lineages include the Testudinaceae and Manglicola guatemalensis in the Jahnulales. Significantly, most marine Dothideomycetes are intertidal tropical species with only a few from temperate regions on salt marsh plants (Spartina species and Juncus roemerianus), and rarely totally submerged (e.g. Halotthia posidoniae and Pontoporeia biturbinata on the seagrasses Posidonia oceanica and Cymodocea nodosum). Specific attention is given to the adaptation of the Dothideomycetes to the marine milieu, new lineages of marine fungi and their host specificity.
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