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Monogenean parasite species descriptions from Labeo spp. hosts in the Vaal Dam, South Africa, with a review of related parasite species

Author(s): Dionne Craffort | Annemarie Avenant-Oldewage

Journal: African Zoology
ISSN 1562-7020

Volume: 47;
Issue: 2;
Date: 2013;
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Compared to the rest of Africa, few publications specifically deal with freshwater monogeneans from South Africa. Limited availability of South African baseline data appears to be a contributing constraint with regards to general advancement in parasitic monogenean research on fish in this country. The aim of the project was to identify and describe the monogenean fauna of fish in the Vaal Dam (Vaal River system). Fieldwork was conducted at the University of Johannesburg Island (Groot Eiland) in the Vaal Dam (S 26° 52.249¢, E 28° 10.249¢). Specimens of Labeo capensis (n=13) and Labeo umbratus (n=26) were collected with gill nets and examined for gill and skin monogenean parasites. Two new species of Dactylogyrus were collected and subsequently described. The first (Dactylogyrus larindiwani n. sp.) occurs on both L. umbratus and L. capensis but exhibits two forms predominant on each of the host species. The notion of a range of intermediate forms on Labeo spp. hosts, as proposed by Paperna (1979), is also discussed. The second species (Dactylogyrus nicolettae n. sp.) was found only on L. capensis. Dogielius intorquens n. sp. was collected from both hosts and described.
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