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Monte Carlo calculation for the development of a BNCT neutron source (1eV – 10 KeV) using MCNP code

Author(s): El Moussaoui, F. | El Bardouni | Azahra | A. Kamili | H. Boukhal

Journal: Alasbimn Journal
ISSN 0717-4055

Volume: 9;
Issue: 37;
Date: 2007;
Original page

Keywords: BNCT | moderator | reflector | filter | MCNP 5C.

Different materials have been studies in order to produce the epithermal neutron beam between 1eV - 10 KeV, which extensively used to irradiate patients with brain tumors such as (GBM). For this purpose we have studied three different neutrons moderators (H2O, D2O and BeO) and their combinations, four reflectors (Al2O3, C, Bi, and Pb) and two filters (Cd and Bi). Results of calculation show, That the best obtained assembly configuration correspond to the combination of the three moderators H2O, BeO and D2O jointly to Al2O3 reflector and two filter Cd +Bi optimize the spectrum of the epithermal neutron at 72%, and minimize the thermal neutron to 4% and thus it can be used to treat the deep brain tumor. Our calculations have been performed by means of the Monte Carlo N- particle code MCNP 5C.
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