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The motherhood existence for a woman HIV – positive: a case study

Author(s): Ana Carolina Bazani | Pâmela Masson Silva | Maria Rosa Rodrigues Rissi

Journal: Saúde & Transformação Social
ISSN 2178-7085

Volume: 2;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 45;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Woman | HIV/Aids | motherhood.

Motherhood is configured as a singular experience and own in female identity construction, being a moment surrounded by anticipation, doubts, fears, bringing a need of psych and social reorganization. Among HIV-positive women is increased risks witch refer to favorable resolution of pregnancy and serology conditions of the baby that will come, triggering anxiety and apprehension on the one hand, but on the other indulge female own desire and enable the perception of health and functional organism for this woman. The aim of the present study was realize the motherhood existence in a HIV-positive woman. The study was conducted by a qualitative methodology through anindividual interview, semi-structured, with emphasis on the representation of motherhood, troubles existence in pregnancy time and the relation between maternal paper and self-care. The research was realized in one ONG of Araraquara city, São Paulo, that care of HIV/Aids people. The results show us that motherhood existence is figured as a normality/health perception for this woman and finding a new sense for your life, awhile, and for the need of new demands confrontation, on the other. The child’s future and your own heath appears as worry for this woman, and can unleash reactions of self-care and consequently, improvement in your health and life quality, but also problems caused by fear of the possibility of baby infection. The role of health professional in the support to this people as well configures important result, highlighting the preparation necessary for this practice. This way, the present study contributed for the realize the existence motherhood for this woman HIV-positive thinking about anxiety, fears and needs, as so give visibility to the strength and conditions to confrontation that can be activated in front of this difficult situation.
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