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A Multi-Camera System for Bioluminescence Tomography in Preclinical Oncology Research

Author(s): Matthew A. Lewis | Edmond Richer | Nikolai V. Slavine | Vikram D. Kodibagkar | Todd C. Soesbe | Peter P. Antich | Ralph P. Mason

Journal: Diagnostics
ISSN 2075-4418

Volume: 3;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 325;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: imaging systems | medical and biological imaging | tomography | bioluminescence | MRI | lung cancer

Bioluminescent imaging (BLI) of cells expressing luciferase is a valuable noninvasive technique for investigating molecular events and tumor dynamics in the living animal. Current usage is often limited to planar imaging, but tomographic imaging can enhance the usefulness of this technique in quantitative biomedical studies by allowing accurate determination of tumor size and attribution of the emitted light to a specific organ or tissue. Bioluminescence tomography based on a single camera with source rotation or mirrors to provide additional views has previously been reported. We report here in vivo studies using a novel approach with multiple rotating cameras that, when combined with image reconstruction software, provides the desired representation of point source metastases and other small lesions. Comparison with MRI validated the ability to detect lung tumor colonization in mouse lung.
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