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Nanocapsulated Rift Valley Fever Vaccine Candidates and Relative Immunological and Histopathological Reactivity in Out Bred Swiss Mice

Author(s): Dr. Aly Fahmy Mohamed

Journal: Journal of Vaccines & Vaccination
ISSN 2157-7560

Volume: 2;
Issue: 15;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: RVFV vaccine | Nanoparticle CAP adjuvant | Alum | Adjuvant activity | Adjuvant side effects

The present work aimed to compare the potentials of Alum and CAP as adjuvants and related immune response to RVFV vaccines candidates inactivated using different inactivants namely, Formalin, Beta-Propiolactone (BPL) and Ascorbic acid (AA). Potency (ED50) of inactivated vaccines was arranged in the order of BPL (0.006), AA (0.0024), and formalin (0.011) respectively. Data recorded revealed that BPL inactivated showed a fast inactivating efficacy and inactivation time was arranged as BPL (2 hrs) followed by formalin (6 hrs) and AA (within 24hrs). BPL – CAP adjuvanted RVFV vaccine showed a higher and long durative antibody level than that detected post immunization with the other RFVF vaccine formulations either alum or CAP adjuvanted vaccines. Limited histopathological changes detected post CAP adjuvanted vaccine compared with that detected post Alum adjuvanted one was detected.
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