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Naujas finansų vadovėlis (A New Textbook on Finance)

Author(s): Violeta Pukelienė

Journal: Engineering Economics
ISSN 1392-2785

Volume: 4;
Start page: 112;
Date: 2007;
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Keywords: Review

In 2006 the publishing house “Kaunas Technologija” publishedthe textbook “Public Finance” by E. Buškevičiūtė. Textbook is ded icatedto bachelor and master students of social sciences studies andemployees from different enterprises and organizations. The textbookconsists of introduction, seven chapters, author’s final word, abbreviations,index, appendixes and English summary. The work consistsof 442 pages, 417 references, 141 picture, 41 table and 27 graphicappendixes.The textbook is important for its information systematisation,possible broad application. The textbook deals with complicated statefinancial relations in various aspects referring to scientific works ofvarious Lithuanian and foreign authors, also statistics and normativeinformation.The structure of the book ”Public Finance” is logically purposeful,the information is well systematized, consequently arranged,using unified and methodically based scheme. At the end of everychapter there is a wide list of questions, tasks and cases, which wouldinspire students and practitioners to get interested in state monetaryrelations with contemplation and creativity. The first chapter of thetexbook presents a short development of finance, finance conception.The second chapter reveals state finance system links, state treasurysystem. Third, fourth and fifth chapters broadly analyse state budgetsystem, fiscal policy, tax system, insurance activity. Chapter sixdescribes state debt management, and chapter seven presents statefinance control system.The Textbook ”Public Finance” is aimed at improving st udents’education quality, as well as helping practitioners to take financemanagement decisions.
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