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Need Of Intercultural Dialogue Between Black Sea Countries

Author(s): Selami Ahmet SALGÜR

Journal: South-East European Journal of Political Science
ISSN 2286-4547

Volume: I;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 189;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Black Sear intercultural dialoguer cultural diversity

In human history, living together in peace without violence and problem has been a challenge for all humanity. Sometimes it has achieved, but it has just as frequently failed. It means that human beings prefer living together with people who are like them rather than with people who are different in appearance, speaking, eating, dressing, behaviour and beliefs, i.e. people from different cultures. However, cultural diversity and difference is a standard characteristic of modern societies. In these societies, individuals have to live with the people from different nations, colors, religions, languages and cultures. Black Sea Region is one of the most diverse regions in the world in terms of all these differences. Ethnic and religious diversity is an historical reality in this part of the world. There are Christians, Muslims and Jewish populations living together over centuries in a peaceful atmosphere. The States in Black Sea Region should develop cultural, educational and social policies to maintain this coexistence for the future generations.

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