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Nephrotoxins: the main culprit of nephrotoxic injury

Author(s): Soni M. *1, Patidar K. 1, Jain S. 2, Jain D. 3

Journal: Drug Invention Today
ISSN 0975-7619

Volume: 2;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 173;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Nephrotoxicity | ischemic acute renal failure | acute renal failure | radio contrast media

Nephrotoxins are the most common cause of nephrotoxicity. The various nephrotoxins used as a drug for the treatment of various diseases, has a clearly defined incidence of clinical nephrotoxicity. The mechanisms of drug- induced nephrotoxicity can vary largely based on the pharmacologic action, metabolism, and ultimate pathway of excretion of the drug administered. When taking antibiotics or analgesics, recommended dosages should be strictly followed. Also, elderly patients on these medications should be closely monitored to prevent accidental overdose. Damage to the kidneys is assessed through a combination of physical examination, blood tests, urine tests, and imaging procedures. Health care workers should be aware of any underlying conditions, such as diabetes or allergies to antibiotics that may heighten the effect of a potential nephrotoxin. When using solvents or handling heavy metals, procedures regarding their safe use should be employed.
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