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Networked organisation of work: an empirical approach for Catalan businesses

Author(s): Pilar Ficapal-Cusí

Journal: UOC Papers. Revista sobre la societat del coneixement
ISSN 1885-1541

Issue: 6;
Date: 2008;
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Keywords: information and communication technology (ICT) | intra-organisational network | networked organisation | organisational change | practices for networked organisation of work

The sources of business efficiency are undergoing profound changes as part of the process to build the knowledge society and economy. As can be seen in the international empirical evidence, in order to explain the potential for long-term growth in business activity (productivity of work), there is also the need to look at a whole series of non-tangible factors, such as technological, organisational and human capital, as well as their complementary relationships, which are increasingly important. Based on the work on intra-organisational networks, this article analyses the organisational systems for work in Catalan businesses during the financial year 2003. We shall see the following: a) that networked organisational practices are still rare in Catalan's private production sector and b) that these new work organisation practices are linked to companies' improved competitive positioning, more intensive use of ICT, better skilled human resources and better business results.

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