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Neurobiology of Lipids Fourth Anniversary: Scope Expanded, Subject Postscript Archive Mission Taken

Author(s): Alexei R. Koudinov

Journal: Neurobiology of Lipids
ISSN 1683-5506

Volume: 5;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2006;
Original page

Keywords: science policy | Open Access | OA | institutional repository | postcript archive | neuroscience of fats | neurobiology | lipids | memory | neurodegeneration | synapse | cholesterol

This editorial aims to inform Neurobiology of Lipids (NoL) readers and contributors that NoL has expanded its' mission of the major source for the Open Access (OA) scientific literature on the subject of the neuroscience of fats. In addition to the publication of OA original research articles, review articles, commentaries, correspondence arising matters and all other type of manuscripts, NoL will be archiving original research articles (on the subject of the neurobiology of lipids) published in other peer-reviewed journals. As a result of postscript article archiving in NoL, authors' masterpiece will become belonging (in addition to authors pride of original publication elsewhere) to a so called Open Access domain, freely available for both peers and the public and no access control.
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