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New Design of Biopharmaceuticals through the Use of Microalgae Addressed to Global Geopolitical and Economic Changes. Are You Ready for New Development in Biopharma?

Author(s): Armen B. Avagyan

Journal: Pharmacology & Pharmacy
ISSN 2157-9423

Volume: 01;
Issue: 01;
Start page: 33;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Biopharma Development | Microalgae | Biofuel | Wastewater Cleaning

The Biopharma industry is enduring sweeping change in response to the financial crisis, but one aspect of the in-dustry that emerged relatively unscathed and that perhaps has directly benefited from the crisis is new revolutionary innova- tion solution. Identifying opportunities in the next wave of technologies for Biopharma, along with other policy initia- tives including financial crisis actions and climate policy, will affect on manufacturing biopharmaceutical products today and in the future in cost effective manner, and will be our adequate answer addressing to global geopolitical, economic and climate changes. It also underscores the search for new approach, evidenced by trends around new for- mulations to serve lower income patients. Microalgae biomass comes in many strains, and can be used by means of variety product developments. In the last years the key task of our R & D was to find a solution for these tasks. The bio- fuel market development dynamics include significant opportunity of microalgae raw material and microalgae proc- essing biomass rest of biodiesel manufacturing for Biopharma global growth in cost effective manner. Second new source of microalgae raw material for Biopharma include microalgae production through waste and wastewater cleaning. This should provide the opportunity to see the future in a new vision, where technology can serve as a revela- tion of the truth and where every endeavor is governed by reflection on and appreciation of the environment and thus leading to resolution of global tasks facing the world community and inclusion of microalgae in production and bio cycles open new cost effective ways for Biopharma companies and conservation of nature. A truly coherent microalgae raw material and Biopharma production policy has to find ways to bring these two traces closer for cost effective manufacturing, well being Biopharma economy and human health.
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