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A new Lower Devonian arthrodire (Placodermi) from the NW Siberian Platform

Author(s): Elga Mark-Kurik

Journal: Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences
ISSN 1736-4728

Volume: 62;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 131;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: actinolepidoid arthrodire | placoderm | Lower Devonian | ?Pragian | NW Siberian Platform.

A new genus and species of arthrodires, Eukaia elongata (Actinolepidoidei, Placodermi), is described from the Lower Devonian, ?Pragian of the Turukhansk region, NW Siberian Platform. A single specimen of the fish, a skull roof, comes probably from the lower part of the Razvedochnyj Formation. The occurrence of an actinolepidoid arthrodire in the Early Devonian of this area of Siberia is unexpected. Eukaia shows some distant relationship with the genus Actinolepis, but several features indicate similarity to representatives of other arthrodires.
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