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A new nematode species Goezia leporini n. sp. (Anisakidae) from cultured freshwater fish Leporinus macrocephalus (Anostomidae) in Brazil

Author(s): Martins M. L. | Yoshitoshi E. R.

Journal: Brazilian Journal of Biology
ISSN 1519-6984

Volume: 63;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 497;
Date: 2003;
Original page

Keywords: Nematoda | Anisakidae | Goezia leporini n. sp. | cultured fish | Leporinus macrocephalus

This paper describes nematode infection in the cultured freshwater fish Leporinus macrocephalus (Osteichthyes: Anostomidae) collected at Batatais, São Paulo State, Brazil. Of a total of 32 examined fish, 21 (65%) were infected with Goezia leporini n. sp. (Nematoda: Anisakidae) with mean infection intensity of 4.1 parasites. The nematodes presented total length greater than G intermedia, G. holmesi, G. pelagia, G. minuta, G. kliksi, G. sinamora, G. nonipapillata, G. alii, G. moraveci, G. brasiliensis, and G. brevicaeca. The main difference was a great number of preanal papillae in males when compared to G. brasiliensis and G. brevicaeca. The present description also differs from that of G. brasiliensis with respect to spicule length and distance of vulva from the anterior extremity.
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