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A New Simple Route to ZnS Quantized Particles with Tunable Size and Shape, and Size/Shape-Dependent Optical Properties

Author(s): Pengfei Hu | Yali Cao | Yanyan Lou | Bo Lu | Min Shao | Jiansen Ni | Meng Cao

Journal: Advances in Materials Physics and Chemistry
ISSN 2162-531X

Volume: 03;
Issue: 01;
Start page: 10;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Solid-State Nanosynthesis | Tunable | Size- and Shape-Dependence | Optical Properties

With the features of convenience and eco-friendly, the low-temperature solid-state reaction synthesis was successfully developed as a new approach to prepare quantum-sized ZnS nanocrystals. One major achievement is that the size and shape of ZnS nanocrystals can be tuned by adjusting the surfactant and its feed. The UV-Vis absorption spectra of quasispherical and one-dimensional quantum-sized ZnS nanocrystals all showed a blue-shift from the bulk counterpart, indicating large quantum confinement effects of ZnS nanocrystals. These ZnS nanocrystals all showed well-defined excitonic emission features. Contrastive studies on photoluminescence performances indicated that the bandedge emission experienced only the size-dependent quantum confinement effect, while the trap-state emission experienced the size- and shape-dependences. So we can design a purposeful synthesis route to ZnS nanocrystals with target luminescence emission performances.  

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