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A New Technique for Test Case Prioritization

Author(s): Amandeep Kaur | Sheena Singh

Journal: International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing
ISSN 2320-088X

Volume: 2;
Issue: 9;
Start page: 107;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Case Based Ranking | Prioritization of requirement for test | Dependency Structure Prioritization

Software testing is important phase of software development life cycle which ensure the developerthat the developed software work according to specifications or not. To make testing efficient and effective atechniques of test case prioritization are used. A well-organized Test case prioritization technique reduces thecost of testing and fault detection capabilities of testing. We will go to purpose a new technique whichreduces the cost of testing by using new approach for test case prioritization .This approach use clusteringtechnique to prioritize the test case in appropriate order which improve the effectiveness of testing and reducethe cost and efforts required for testing. This approach groups the test case with same characteristics withinsame cluster. This approach also improves the fault detection capability of test case prioritization based oncost effectiveness parameter of test cases and function coverage ability of test case. Our approach of test caseprioritization use function coverage parameter which allows tester to prioritize the test case based on theiractual function coverage ability without considering number of lines covered by test case which may containextra comment line.
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