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No change of attitude toward forensic psychiatry: 5 years after the Medical Treatment and Supervision Act in Japan

Author(s): Akihiro Shiina | Kyoji Okita | Mihisa Fujisaki | Yoshito Igarashi | Masaomi Iyo

Journal: Open Journal of Psychiatry
ISSN 2161-7325

Volume: 03;
Issue: 02;
Start page: 203;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Psychiatry | Law and Ethics | History of Psychiatry | Forensic Psychiatry | Education in Psychiatry | Epidemiology & Public Health

Objective: The forensic mental health system in Japan changed dramatically with the enforcement of the “Act on Medical Care and Treatment for the Persons Who Had Caused Serious Cases under the Condition of Insanity” or MTS Act, in 2005. The aim of this study is to evaluate the changes in attitude and behavior of general psychiatrists, towards forensic psychiatry. Methods: We conducted a questionnaire survey in 2010 on forensic psychiatry for Japanese psychiatrists, mirroring a previous study from 2007. Results: Comparing the results from both questionnaires, it is not evident that awareness of forensic mental health has improved among psychiatrists in the intervening three years. Conclusion: Further education about forensic mental health needs to be considered inJapan.

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