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Nociones de pobreza y políticas hacia los pobres en Tucumán en la primera mitad del siglo XIX

Author(s): CONICET - UN

Journal: Población & Sociedad
ISSN 1852-8562

Volume: 12-13;
Start page: 133;
Date: 2005;
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Keywords: poverty | marginality | “fake poor peolple” | “real poor people” | assistance policies | benevolence | charity

Poverty can not be analysed just from the political or economical point of view. Such a complex issue deserves all scientific and social disciplines to work with their methods, concepts, analysis techniques and hypothesis in order toface, from various angles, the multiple edges which the relation between expectations, needs and shortages represent in a concrete society. From the historical point of view, it is worth to question poverty and the forms that social exclusion has adopted in the past. In such context, this paper intends to approach the poverty phenomenon in Tucumán during a period marked by a great political and economical convulsion in the first half of the XIX century. In this sense, we attempt to: define what “poverty” meant; identify the parameters which defined poverty and marginality; torecognise the factors which started and promoted impoverishment and to detect the forms of assistance policies implemented by the political power during the first half of the XIX century.
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