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水环境中不容忽视的磷形态—低价磷酸盐 The Non-negligible Phosphorus Form – Reduced Phosphorus in Water

Author(s): 王红军 | 曹瑞香 | 张娟 | 韩超 | 顾雪元 | 耿金菊 | 王晓蓉 | 钱新

Journal: Sustainable Development
ISSN 2160-7540

Volume: 01;
Issue: 02;
Start page: 59;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: 水环境 | 磷循环 | 低价磷酸盐 | 环境行为 | Aquatic environment | Phosphorus cycle | Reduced phosphorus compounds | Environmental behavior

长期以来一直认为磷生物地球化学循环中不存在低价(低于+5价)形式,最新研究发现环境中普遍存在低价磷((如亚磷酸盐(H2PO3-和HPO32-,+3价)、次磷酸盐(H2PO2-,+1价)、气态磷化氢(PH3,-3价)),自然界低价磷的环境行为及其在磷循环中的作用和意义成为研究热点。低价磷酸盐以其热力学不稳定、动力学稳定和溶解性强等性质,使得其在水环境中的迁移转化等环境行为较为复杂。本文综述了水环境中低价磷酸盐的来源和分布、迁移转化特征及生物可利用性研究进展,并系统阐述了环境中低价磷酸盐的分析方法,旨在为深入研究富营养化湖泊中磷的循环机制、揭示低价磷的环境行为、提出科学合理的控制决策提供参考。Reduced phosphorus compounds, such as phosphite (H2PO3- and HPO32-,+3), hypophosphite (H2PO2-,+1), and phosphine (PH3,-3), have long been neglected in the phosphorus geochemical cycle. Recently reduced phosphorus compounds have been detected in many environmental sites. Their role in the phosphorus cycle is becoming a hot study spot. However, their complex environmental behavior makes a headache for many researchers due to such characteristics as the specific chemical characteristics, such as the thermo dynamical instability, kinetic stability and vast water-solubility, of the reduced phosphorus compounds induce their complicated environmental behavior and fate. This paper reviewed the sources and distribution, migration and transformation, and bioavailability of reduced phosphorus compounds in aquatic water environment. Also, analytical methods of reduced phosphorus compounds in aquatic environment were systematically expatiated. The work is helpful to further study the biogeochemical mechanisms of phosphorus in eutrophic lakes, reveal the environmental behavior of reduced phosphorus, and provide scientific information for policymakers to make a better decision on eutrophication control.

Tango Jona
Tangokurs Rapperswil-Jona

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