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Notícias de estudos realizados sobre as formas de tratamento no Português Brasileiro

Author(s): Artarxerxes Tiago Tácito Modesto

Journal: Revista Letra Magna
ISSN 1807-5193

Issue: 02;
Start page: 01;
Date: 2005;
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Keywords: pronouns of addresses | tu | você

The study of pronouns of address in Brazil has deserved a lot of attention in the last years. The growing use of "você" in detriment of " tu " have been analyzed thoroughly as an option by an equalitarian treatment. It is average the statement that the form " você " is acquiring pronominal statute, this weakening the agreement and carting a lot of changes starting from middles of the XIX centuries. Amid that co-occurrence, we have the form " osenhor " and " a senhora ", that indicates more formal treatment. The forms " vós " and " vos ", vosso ", they also disappear giving up place to " vocês". This paper makes a reflection on the results of some works developed in Brazil on that theme.

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