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Notochord in Tilapia nilotica Exposed to Sublethal Dose of Malathion, S[1, 2-Di(Ethoxycarbonyl)Ethyl] Dimethyl Phosphorothiolothionate

Author(s): Edna Amparado | Sonia Jacinto

Journal: Science Diliman
ISSN 0115-7809

Volume: 4;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 71;
Date: 1992;
Original page

Keywords: Tilapia nilotica embryos | malathion | notochordal | dimethyl phosphorothiolothionate

Exposure of Tilapia nilotica embryos to sublethal dose of 1.0 ppm commercial grade malathion, S[1,2-di(ethoxycarbonyl)ethyl] dimethyl phosphorothiolothionate from day-10 post fertilization resulted in notochordal aberrations. Pesticide-treated fishes exhibited constriction of the notochordal sheath, folding at the posterior sections and larger notochord than those of the control group.
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