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Nouvelles localités pour Bythinella lancelevei Locard, 1884 (Gastropoda, Rissoidea, Bythinellidae) en Haute-Normandie (Eure, Seine-Maritime) et proposition de catégorisation UICN

Author(s): Cédric Pouchard | Jean-Michel Bichain

Journal: MalaCo
ISSN 1778-3941

Volume: 9;
Start page: 485;
Date: 2013;

Keywords: Bythinella | Haute-Normandie | geographic range | IUCN evaluation

Bythinella lancelevei, a nominal species restricted to Haute-Normandie (France), is currently known from a few localities near the type locality at Villequier (Seine-Maritime). Although this species is regarded as valid in the updated checklist of the continental molluscs from France, its taxonomic statute remains ambiguous and B. lancelevei could be a junior synonym of Bythinella viridis. Based on the sampling of 47 localities in Haute-Normandie, we present here new data on its geographic range. Live specimens were found in eleven sites in the lower basin of the river Seine. The occupation and occurrence areas of the species are estimated respectively to be ca. 10 000 m2 and ca. 500 km2. A morphometric approach based on 108 individuals coming from four populations attributed to B. lancelevei and from one population attributed to B. viridis shows that there are significant differences between these two nominal species. However the specific descriptors of B. lancelevei, i.e. shape of the aperture and shell shape are also applicable to B. viridis. Our results thus do not allow to synonymize this nominal species. For this reason, we propose to categorize it under the IUCN category CR "Critically endangered".
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