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A novel label free cocaine assay based on aptamer-wrapped single-walled carbon nanotubes

Author(s): Sahar Taghavi | Sara Ayatollahi | Mona Alibolandi | Parirokh Lavaee | Mohammad Ramezani | Khalil Abnous

Journal: Nanomedicine Journal
ISSN 2322-3049

Volume: 1;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 100;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Aptamer | Cocaine | Single-walled carbon nanotube | Near infrared absorption

  Objective(s): This paper describes a selective and sensitive biosensor based on the dissolution and aggregation of aptamer wrapped single-walled carbon nanotubes. We report on the direct detection of aptamer–cocaine interactions, namely between a DNA aptamer and cocaine molecules based on near-infrared absorption at 807 .   Materials and Methods: First a DNA aptamer recognizing cocaine was non-covalently immobilized on the surface of single walled carbon nanotubes and consequently dissolution of SWNTs was occurred. Vis-NIR absorption (A807nm) of dispersed, soluble aptamer-SWNTs hybrid, before and after incubation with cocaine was measured using a CECIL9000 spectrophotometer. Results: This carbon nanotube setup enabled the reliable monitoring of the interaction of cocaine with its cognate aptamer by aggregation of SWNTs in the presence of cocaine. Disscusion: This assay system provides a mean for the label-free, concentration-dependent, and selective detection of cocaine with an observed detection limit of 49.5 nM.
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