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热采油田储层渗流–温度–应力耦合数值模拟 Numerical Simulation of Thermal-Hydro-Mechanical Coupling in Thermal Production Oil Field

Author(s): 曾流芳 | 高聚同 | 纪佑军 | 刘建军

Journal: Advances in Porous Flow
ISSN 2164-5639

Volume: 01;
Issue: 02;
Start page: 9;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: 热采 | 套管保护 | 多场耦合 | 数值模拟 | Thermal Production | Casing Protection | Multi-Field Coupling | Numerical Simulation

基于储层渗流–温度–应力耦合理论,建立热采开发过程中储层THM耦合数学力学模型,以孤东油田实际区块为研究对象,通过数值模拟研究了开发过程中储层渗流、温度、应力场变化过程,分析了开发过程中套管受力变化过程,分析了注汽参数与地层应力的关系,为热采过程中套管保护以及合理注采参数选择提供理论指导。Based on reservoir seepage-thermal-stress coupling theory, THM coupling model were established to simulate the process of thermal production. Take one block in Gudong oil field, the reservoir seepage, thermal and stress change process were simulated, and the relationship between casing force and steam injection parameters were analyzed. The results can provide theoretical guidance for casing protection and the reasonable decision of injection-production parameters.
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