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Occupational Health and Safety Issues in Turkey and European Union: A Comparative Study in The Context of Turkey’s Path Towards EU Membership

Author(s): Nesrin Demir

Journal: International Journal of Contemporary Economics and Administrative Sciences
ISSN 1925-4423

Volume: 1;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 123;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Occupational | Health and Safety | Regulations | Laws | European Union

 The matter of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) appears as an important problem all over the world.   A wide range of people die or become disabled because of occupational accidents and professional diseases every year. According to International Labour Organisation's (ILO) records, approximately  270 million occupational accidents occur, 160 million people suffer from illness  originated from working and 2 million and 200 thousand people pass away due to the occupational accidents and professional diseases each year.Coming out occupational accidents and diseases as   a major problem in our country  like in the world, So the regulations and investments about  ISG  has been given  intensity. Council of the Ministers of EU has admitted detailed directives that lay out the OHS up till now. There is  a comprehensive  EU legislation in the field of OHS. Turkey began the EU  membership negotiations on 3th October 2005 and arranged laws in field of OHS to adapt principles of EU; carried out applications intended to enhancing the awareness of OHS.In Turkey, applications about OHS dates back pre-construction of EU. The first applications about OHS began after Reforms( the political reforms made in the Ottoman State in 1839).  The first legal arrangement in this field was " Regulations  of Dilaver Pasha.” It was prepared about workers who worked as a miner in Zonguldak coalmine. The arrangements proceeded after the announcement of Republic as well. But the most comprehensive and detailed arrangements have been done in the process of EU membership negotiations.The EU membership process started in 1963 with Turkey signed the Ankara Treaty .The EU membership  is expected to reach conclusion in the process of negotiations by ensuring compliance.  As a part of this process, Turkey has been creating convenient structures  in the field of OHS depend on EU standards.

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