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Official Discourse Background of the Great Patriotic War Historic Period: Victory Expression in “Pravda” Linguo-rhetorics of 1941–1945

Author(s): Alexandra A. Vorozhbitova

Journal: Bylye Gody
ISSN 2073-9745

Volume: 25;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 76;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Great Patriotic War period | discourse background of social evolution historical period | discourse processes | Russian socio-cultural and educational environment | official Soviet discourse | linguo-rhetoric expression.

The article considers the expression of linguo-rhetoric tools of official front page stories of Pravda Newspaper in 1941-1945 in terms of discourse processes of Russian socio-cultural and educational environment of the Great Patriotic War period, expecting obligatory introduction of information, having historical nature. Discourse background of any historic period of social evolution is really important for historic science, as it in many ways determines key positions of the historic process. The importance of the role of linguistic personality of the discourse processes subject is stipulated by the fact that the latter one acts as the arena for the conflicts of ideological positions and innovation ideas, different concepts, views and opinions, generated by the levels of linguistic personality (motivational, linguo-cognitive, verbal-semantic) in terms of linguo-rhetoric paradigm. Reference to key, watershed historical periods of the development of our Motherland, first of all to the Great Patriotic War period is of considerable importance. Such a peculiar type of institutional discourse as Soviet official discourse has undoubtedly contributed to the Victory, lifting morale and spirit of the troops and civilian population and uniting multinational Soviet population in the deadly fight against Nazis. Linguo-rhetoric of linguistic opposition with all its emotional expression is represented, particularly, in the set of front page stories of Pravda Newspaper, which bore a profound mobilizing emotional charge, had great psychological impact on collective recipient and specific character of universal linguo-rhetoric parameters.
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