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Old data, new cognates: the case of the 'marker of alienable possession' in the Kamakã, Purí, and Krenák families

Author(s): Eduardo Rivail Ribeiro

Journal: Cadernos de Etnolingüística : Estudos de Lingüística Sul-Americana
ISSN 1946-7095

Volume: Notas;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2009;
Original page

In Macro-Jê, cases of shared grammatical peculiarities play an essential role in corroborating hypotheses of genetic relationships. One of such “shared aberrancies” is a morpheme which signals indirect possession, initially described for Jê, Boróro, Maxakalí, and Kipeá (Rodrigues 1992, Ribeiro 2002). The present note describes the occurrence of likely cognates of this morpheme in three other families (Kamakã, Purí, and Krenák), illustrating the importance, for Macro-Jê historical linguistics, of fragmentary data from poorly-documented languages.
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