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On systems of relations “gifted student – teacher” and "teacher – gifted student" in secondary school

Author(s): N.V. Meshkova

Journal: Psihologičeskaâ Nauka i Obrazovanie
ISSN 2074-5885

Issue: 2;
Start page: 255;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: talent | gifted developing personality | determining and dependent types of relationships of a developing person | social situation of personal development | relations of interpersonal importance | “special teacher for the gifted”.

We consider socio-psychological aspects of specific relationships in the systems “teacher – gifted student” and “gifted student – teacher”. We consistently argue the need to consider actual socio-psychological requirements to the personality and the role of “special teacher for the gifted” with a targeted selection and training of teachers for developing work with gifted students in secondary schools. We reveal the peculiarities of relationship and mutual importance of teacher and gifted student, depending on the age characteristics of the latter. The fundamentally important position, stated in the article, is the idea based on the basic concept of personalization, that creativity and personal teachers’ “creativeness” is not only his individual psychological trait, but also an effective channel of transferring individual-specific approaches of that particular teacher to the problems of life in general, and to the problematic areas of interest of his gifted students in particular.

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