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Optical Losses of Thin Solar Cells on the Basis of n-ZnS / p-CdTe and n-CdS / p-CdTe Heterojunctions

Author(s): Dobrozhan O.A. | Berestok T.O. | Kurbatov D.I. | Opanasyuk A.S. | Opanasyuk N.M. | Nefedchenko V.F.

Journal: Proceedings of the International Conference Nanomaterials : Applications and Properties
ISSN 2304-1862

Volume: 2;
Issue: 4;
Start page: 04NEA16;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Nanomaterials | Energy applications | Conversion | Harvesting | Storage

The optical reflection and absorption losses in the accessory layers of solar cells based on n-ZnS / p-CdTe and n-CdS / p-CdTe heterojunctions are defined in this work. Aluminum doped zinc oxide is used as the front conductive layer material. It is shown that the replacement of traditional window material (CdS) for a wide-one (ZnS) leads to an increase in accessory solar cells layers transmittance. When the thickness of the window layers is 50 nm, the transmittance using ZnS windows with the wavelength of 380-500 nm is higher in 7-40 % than the corresponding value for CdS. At 300 nm for the same spectral field the difference increases to 8-89 %.
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