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Optimization of a 350 mW Oil-fired Boiler in Mexico for NOx and Particulate Matter Emissions Control

Author(s): Carlos E. Romero | Nenad Sarunac | Ricardo Moreno | Zheng Yao | Harun Bilirgen | Fernando Hernandez | Guillermo Ronquillo | Jose Luis Sanchez | Rodolfo Coria | Antonio Hernandez | Bonifacio Lara | Andrés Ordoñez | Federico Gónzález | José Luis Gómez | José Elías Montoya | Keith R. Pullen

Journal: Ingeniería Mecánica. Tecnología y Desarrollo
ISSN 1665-7381

Volume: 3;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 10;
Date: 2008;
Original page

This project was done in an oil-fi red 350 MW load-following unit with an opposed wall-fi red boiler, steam-assisted atomized conventional burners and fluegas recirculation for steam temperature control. Combustion optimization was performed to improve unit performance while maintaining environmental compliance. A comprehensive combustion optimization program was carried out using a systematic approach that included: installation of a new continuous emissions monitoring system with a laser-based particulate matter monitor, combustion tuning of the burners to improve baseline performance, parametric field testing to create a database, data modeling using artificial neural networks, determination of optimal settings using a mathematical optimization algorithm, and development of an on-line advisory software. The real-time advisory software provides expert-system advice to the operators on the optimal boiler control settings for operation under area grid control. Operation with the advisory software allows better compliance with the environmental restrictions while maintaining optimal thermal performance of the unit. It also allows the operator to explore the impact of changes in operating parameters such as excess air, fluegas recirculation rate, fuel viscosity, fuel temperature, atomization pressure, and burner nozzle fouling on emissions and performance parameters.
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