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Optimizing the Usage of Information Technology in Supply Chain Management and Marketing of Aviation Products by AHP method

Author(s): Seyed Akbar Nilipour Tabatabaei | Bijan Khayambashi | Mehdi Karbasian | Mohammad Shariati

Journal: New Marketing Research Journal
ISSN 2228-7744

Volume: 2;
Issue: 2;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Supply chain flexibility | Supply chain responsibility | Information Technology (IT) | Supply Chain Management (SCM) | Supply chain integration | Marketing

Technology and its various developments has evolved rapidly industries particularly in the field of aviation products during the last decade. Different aviation companies and manufacturing industries have tried to utilize different modern technologies and new organizational methodologies to optimize their working process. They intend to fulfill customers’ requirements in relation to their products. Naturally this will be achieved through factors such as cut in cost and time, enhancement of performance and applying the required and modern technologies. The main emphasis has been switched toward the customers’ point of view (e.g. delivery of the aircraft products per the appointed dates, quality, reliability and functional specifications). Providing proper and quick supply chain is as significant as production procedures and processes by incorporating the required Information Technology (IT) for the right product to deliver as per specified and promised date to the customer. In this paper, an attempt has been made to recognize the basic provision criteria of IT alternatives along with their effective impacts on company. In addition, it also determines the priorities of IT influence on Supply Chain Management (SCM), which in turn optimize the research goals of the enterprise. For this purpose, this research has been conducted using a questionnaire and paired analogy in an aviation company. In this regard, 115 experts and managers of the functions of commercial and supply, planning and production control, computer have been selected for data collection from October 2011 to October 2012. Findings imply that almost all of the major measures of chain provision and IT impact on each other and validate the conceptual model. Therefore, trained human resources on IT, support of senior executives, hardware and software substructures, electronic commerce and exchange of data with partners should be taken into account as a model of optimization for application of IT in SCM.
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