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Author(s): O. Popov

Journal: Economics of Development
ISSN 1683-1942

Volume: 66;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 124;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: marketing activities organization | the cluster-network structure | coordination of interests | marketing-mix | the institutionalization of interaction | long-term loyalty | zone of compromise

The clustering trends spreading in national and world economy require a new concept of an enterprise activity realization. This article contains information about the national economy objective transformation in the direction of client orientation. The various aspects of ''marketing activities organization'' concept understanding are considered. Clusters are converted to the environment of interest coordination. Enterprise becomes an active player in the requirements of users to proposed values attribute. In author’s opnion, an enterprise must use the reflection to determine the requirements of users to proposed values attribute. The reflection also helps to organize routine and inner institute formation. Institutionalization is focused on the attainment of the requirements for the attributes of goods. Cluster network paradigm requires to harmonize the interests of consumers, competitors and all those who are interested in the values provided by the parties. Accordingly, the article poses the task of such interests of cluster members harmonization.Peculiarities of marketing activities organization are considered. The ways of interests coordination between businesses and consumers and environment creation are suggested. The author proves the appropriateness of harmonizing the interests of consumer value parameters by means of reflexive control. The marketing research tools of a company’s interests and target customers’ interests have been developed and the algorithm of communication mix creation has been suggested based on the result of these researches. The market value provided by an enterprise is identified as an ideal final state which draws consumer’s preferences.
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