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Organizational innovation and chronic care. 2. Two case studies

Author(s): Huard P | Schaller P

Journal: Pratiques et Organisation des Soins
ISSN 1952-9201

Volume: 42;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 119;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Chronic disease | community health services | organization | organizational innovation | case studies | case report.

SummaryThis article applies the principles elucidated in the preceding article (analysis of development process and measures promoting care integration) to two innovative healthcare projects in Geneva.The first of these projects is a care network which has grown considerably in terms of the number of doctors and insured persons who have joined it since its foundation some fifteen years ago. Here, the emphasis is on revealing the dynamics underlying this development, as well as its impact on integration. The second project is a pluridisciplinary medical centre which is in the final stages of construction. In this case, the focus is on examining the characteristics of this initiative, the partners foreseen and the planned activities, as well as suggesting the possible components of a strategy that will promote cooperation and coordination. Prat Organ Soins. 2011;42(2):119-126
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