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Os blogs como precursores dos media sociais e sua relevância para o marketing comunicacional

Author(s): Pereira Correia, Pedro

Journal: Obra Digital
ISSN 2014-5039

Issue: 3;
Start page: 66;
Date: 2012;

Keywords: Blogs | Social Media | Social Culture | Marketing and Strategy

The reinvention of societies and organizations appears linked to the social essence of human beings and the species‘ evolving motivation as a reflection of the agglomeration of individual behavior of a society. The satisfaction of socialconnection needs has allowed that the development of technological tools related to blogs and social media to a high level of compliance in a shortperiod. This technology comes as a support to thesehuman needs, making them more dynamic and transparent and influencing the communication between people and organizations, so that the continuity of organizations is associated with socialization, sharing interests and interacting with its audience and it is inseparable to the incorporation of digital technology in their activity,including those related to blogs and social media.The power of millions of people combined with rapid technological development, regardless of success,reinforces the "wave" of catalysts of social change, which together increase the degree of complexity in the management of traditional businesses and reduces the control of communication strategies for companies. Thus the need to understand how the new relationships are formed in social media and theimpact of technology.
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