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Out-patient geriatric assessment by a hospital-based general practitioner: Results and financial implications

Author(s): Anette Hylen Ranhoff

Journal: Norsk Epidemiologi
ISSN 0803-2491

Volume: 8;
Issue: 2;
Date: 2009;
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 ABSTRACTNorway has few specialists in geriatric medicine, but geriatric services are supposed to be implementedin all local hospitals. I assessed a model for hospital out-patient geriatric service headed by a generalpractitioner. The service was organised in a local hospital. 266 elderly patients were referred for geriatricassessment.Main outcome measures were ICD-9 diagnostic categories, general patient well-being before and afterassessment, patients' and referring doctors' satisfaction, and cost of the service and income received.Age, gender and diagnoses were within the same range as in other studies of out-patient geriatricassessment. Two hundred and three (85.3%) out of 238 patients reached in follow-up interviews weresatisfied with the service and reported improved general well-being. Referring doctors reported satisfactionwith the service. The service was financed by charges paid by the patients and a capitation fee fromthe social security. Cost per patient was £ 94 (1070 NOK).The study shows that in Norway a GP can implement an outpatient geriatric service which improvesthe patients' general well-being and is cost effective.Key words:  general practitioner, geriatric assessment, financial implications, local hospital, out-patient clinic, patient well-being
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