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Panorama brasileiro sobre a proteção de dados pessoais: discussão e análise comparada

Author(s): Caio Cesar Carvalho Lima | Renato Leite Monteiro

Journal: AtoZ : Novas Práticas em Informação e Conhecimento
ISSN 2237-826X

Volume: 2;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 60;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Data protection | Personal data | Access to information | Data protection law | Information security

Introduction: Given the worldwide movement on the legal and regulatory frameworks for the protection of personal data the article exposes the current scenario in Brazil and analyzes the Protection of Personal Data Protection Project. Discusses aspects related to privacy, intimacy and the data of natural persons and provides a comparative analysis with foreign law. Method: Desk research evolving national legislation, doctrine and case law, as well as, international normatives. Results: Currently, Brazil has a dispersed and not specific laws on the issue of data protection. Specific and non specific mentions appear in chapters, articles, paragraphs and sections of different pieces of legislation and jurisprudence. When analyzing the Brazilian Personal Data Protection Project there is a need for clarification and insights on specific items, especially those dealing with ownership of data, the public data repositories security and privacy, and the need for creating an autonomous regulatory entity. Another concern is related with the absence of criminal penalties. The Bill was inspired by The European Directive on the Protection of Personal Data (EC 95/46) and the Canadian Data Protection Act. Conclusions: The proliferation of new technologies, especially the Internet, is pushing for the existence of legal frameworks. Considering that the aim of the text of the Bill´s draft is not only the protection of personal data, but also the establishment of a legal paradigm, it can serve as a prop for economic investment and technological development and contemplate the protection of economic and consumer relations.
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