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Parâmetros físico-químicos da água em viveiros da estação de piscicultura de Alta Floresta, Mato Grosso

Author(s): José Julio de Toledo | José Gerley Díaz Castro

Journal: Revista de Biologia e Ciências da Terra
ISSN 1519-5228

Volume: 1;
Issue: 3;
Date: 2001;
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Keywords: Alta Floresta | water physic-chemical parameters | fish farming

The study was carried in Alta Floresta Fish Farming Estation of setember/2000 to february/2001, with additional collects in may and june/2001. Were monitored one dam (2,020m2), and five ponds (600 to 1,200m2). The physic-chemical parameters were measured near drainage systems, under depth 10 cm, daily the 08:00 hour and monthly achieved measured over 24:00 hour cycle, with interval of 04 hour between measurements: of water temperature; dissolved oxygen; pH. The temperature and oxygen were determined by oxymeter YSI-55, pH through pHmeter (Bernauer F-1002). The transparency was calculated by Secchi disc and total alkalinity determined by potentiometry titlemetry. Were applied fertilizers and calcareous, to estimate the relation among physic-chemical parameters and days growth, and evaluate the non-existence (I) and incidence condition (II) of aquatic macrophytes in the ponds. The water temperature varied of 21,7ºC to 35,6 ºC, the oxygen vary of 0,30 mg.L-1 to 10 mg.L-1 and pH between 4,7 to 8,9. The less valour were recorded 04:00 and 08:00 hours, with elevation 16:00 hour principally in December, possibly because high luminosity. The transparency maintained high in the dam (1,88±0,26 m), showed significant difference compared with the ponds (N=4, P

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