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Participation rate of housing cooperation members (Mehr) and Explication effective factors on it in 1388 at Mashhad city

Author(s): Mohammadt Mazlome Khorasani | Mohsen Noghani | Bibi Fatemeh Kishbafan

Journal: Journal of Applied Sociology
ISSN 2008-5745

Volume: 44;
Issue: 4;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: participation | cooperation | housing cooperation | Mehr Housing | confidence | satisfaction | social base.

The aim of this research is finding some answers to description of participation rate of housing cooperation members (Mehr) in 1388 at Mashhad city and Explication effective factors on it. Theoretical discussions have been illustrated based on four paradigms socialistic: social facts, social definition, social behavior, and complex paradigm. The research method of this investigation based on a survey with sample volume about 380 persons with the help of Cocran formula from statistical society about 36330 members of housing cooperation (Mehr) in Mashhad city. The method of sampling was based on random stratified method. The way of data Collection is information on questionnaires. The analysis of data have been implemented with SPSS application software in the frame of average descriptive statistics, Medium, Standard divergence, Kurosis and Skewness coefficients, hypothesis test with the help of appropriate tests to aim and variable assessment levels and using of regression analysis, finally path analysis. Then we assessed these categories and their independent variables such as: Economical disability and incapability to resources, assessment of financial and political supports of the government, lack of enough time for members, confidence to the managers, assuring to the resultant of the project, traditionalism, thankfulness, respect to the media advertisements, education level, mental preparation, responsibility, acknowledgement, satisfaction toward managers, social base, making in real housing, using mass media, alienation on the rate of cooperation members. In conclusion, member’s acknowledgement, using mass media and respecting to media advertisements and confidence to managers had the major and highest Impact on members cooperation.
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