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Author(s): Jalal Haghighat Monfared | Nika Vatankhah

Journal: Annals of the University of Oradea. Fascicle of Textiles, Leatherwork
ISSN 1843-813X

Volume: XIV;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 15;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Textile | Pathological Study | Internal Organizational Factors | External Organizational Factors | managerial dysfunction.

Although textile industry lies upon a long antecedent in Iran, it suffers these days from a critical circumstance.The reasons, from which the existing problems of textile industry originate, must be recognized otherwise, there would be no possibility to find applicable solutions. Crisis discussion in this part is not new; this industry needs to be refashioned in many domains. In this way, pathological study of textile industry emerges as a vital investigational responsibility by which all systems and problems are carefully studied. As a goal this article seeks for, the role and importance of internal organizational factors are crystallized rather than external organizational factors. Also prioritization of these factors and offering some solutions and suggestions for departing from this situation to a suitable one are the other goals in this essay. We use an analytic model, which divide the problems of textile industry in two categories including internal and external organizational factors.The problems from which this branch suffers are included into two genres of internal organizational and external organizational factors. In this article managerial dysfunction, machine depreciation, high cost price, disrespecting the standards and low quality of production, raw materials with low quality and, counter-productivity of working staff have been considered as six internal organizational factors. In addition, five external factors including lack of government support, decrease in market requirement, investor's lack of job security, high rate of banking interest and disabled system of banking facilities, and formal/informal smuggling of goods, have been noted as the most effective factors explaining crisis in this industry. We use a questionnaire, SPSS software and some appropriate statistical tests in order to evaluate these factors.The results of factors assessment show that among internal organizational factors, machine depreciation besides smuggling of goods among external organizational ones, are the most important factors causing crisis in Iranian textile industry.
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