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The pathophysiological profile of interleukin-6 and anti-interleukin-6 antibody

Author(s): Rafaqat Bota | Mushtaq Ahmed

Journal: El Mednifico Journal
ISSN 2307-7301

Volume: 1;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 51;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Interleukin-6 | Ovarian Cancer | Cytokine

Interleukin-6 is a multifunctional cytokine produced by variety of cells including tumor cells. It is produced by monocytes, macrophages, B-cells and T-cells. Interleukin-6 stimulates platelet production through thrombopoietin. Interleukin-6 in surplus amount is also produced by epithelial ovarian cancer cells. Hence, it is a useful prognostic factor for ovarian cancer, and is associated with disease stage and survival period.
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