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Pattern Delineation of Deep Trench Arrays on Polished Silicon Surfaces Employing Contrast-photoresists Lithography- Deep Trench Patterning

Author(s): Sujit Nayak | Shilpi Pandey | Himani Sharma | Vibhor Kumar | Ravi Raj Bhatia | J. Akhtar

Journal: Advances in Microelectronic Engineering
ISSN 2327-7300

Volume: 1;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 17;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Photolithography | Deep Trench Pattern | Microelectronics | MEMS | Micro-Inductor

A delineation process for micrometer size lateral patterns of negative photoresist, on polished silicon surfaces carrying vertical trenches of V-shape and depth in the range of 100-200 micrometers, has been developed by integrating a compatible positive photoresist (S1813) lithography employing single photo mask. Arrays of V-groove patterns of 150 micrometer depth have been delineated with HNR120 photoresist on (100) silicon surfaces for further selective electroplating of metals. The optimized process is compatible with conventional IC process and is cost effective in realizing V-groove inductors for high frequency applications.
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