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Perception of Educated Youth About Career and Family Priorities for Males And Females

Author(s): Iqra Tahir | Yasar Mahmood | Amina Shahzadi

Journal: International Journal of Advanced Statistics and Probability
ISSN 2307-9045

Volume: 1;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 92;
Date: 2013;
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Career and family are important for males and females. The focus of the study is to find out the most important factors relevant to the perception of people about female job and how youth envisage career and family in both genders. A sample of 365 students is selected from B.A/B.Sc (Hons.), M.phil and Ph.D students of Government College University, Lahore by proportional stratified random sampling. 61.64% respondents agree for female job. Respondents have their view that females, who get higher education, should do job as resulted by possible association between these two factors by applying Chi-square test (χ2=112.197, P-value=0.000). Eleven underlying factors are identified by factor analysis that explain 61% information and somewhat represent the ideology of the respondents about female job.
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