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Performance Determinants for Responsible Supply Chain Management in the European Emerging Countries

Author(s): Mariana Cristina Ganescu, Mihaela Asandei, Andreea Gangone şi Camelia Chirilă

Journal: Amfiteatru Economic
ISSN 1582-9146

Volume: 15;
Issue: 33;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: supply chain | responsible supply chain management (RSCM) | index of RSCM | determinants of RSCM | emerging Europe.

Starting from the premise that there are numerous institutional and national factors influencing the performance of responsible supply chain management, the present article seeks to measure and quantify performance of the European emerging states by creating an index of performance of responsible supply chain management and to identify the factors that influence responsible supply chain management. The acquisition of this index was based on our own measurement methodology, starting from two classes of determinants for responsible supply chain management, with eight measuring variables, through the content analysis of various reports published by the World Economic Forum. The analysis of the correlation matrix established the intensity of the links between the proposed measuring variables. The application of the regression method on the multifactor econometric model has shown that responsible supply chain management is positively influenced by the GDP per capita, public services to improve business performance, infrastructure quality and performance of environmental actions. The results of the study have revealed that performance of responsible supply chain management depends rather on the national and local policies to stimulate social responsibility practices than on the level of economic development. Most of the time, organizations are concerned with the accountability of responsible supply chain management voluntarily, being aware of the long-term benefits to their business.
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