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Phosphorus, beverages, and chronic kidney disease

Author(s): Di Irorio B | Di Micco L | Torraca S | Sirico ML

Journal: Nutrition and Dietary Supplements
ISSN 1179-1489

Volume: 2012;
Issue: default;
Start page: 67;
Date: 2012;
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Biagio Di Iorio, Lucia Di Micco, Serena Torraca, Maria Luisa SiricoNephrology-Medicine Department, "A Landolfi" Hospital, Solofra, ItalyAbstract: Phosphate is present in food in two forms, ie, organic and inorganic phosphate salts, which are naturally present in food and as phosphates added for industrial and commercial reasons. There is also a high content of added phosphate in beverages, and phosphates in this form are highly absorbable. The real content of phosphate contained in beverages is often unrecognized, and nephrologists do not always take into account the amount of phosphorus that patients ingest in this form.Keywords: phosphorus, beverages, additive, diet

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