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Photon strength in spherical and deformed heavy nuclei

Author(s): Grosse E. | Junghans A. | Bečvář F. | Birgersson E. | Massarczyk R. | Schramm G.

Journal: EPJ Web of Conferences
ISSN 2100-014X

Volume: 8;
Start page: 02006;
Date: 2010;
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Information on the photon strength in heavy nuclei with mass A > 150 will be given and compared to respective data. The photon strength function is a very important ingredient for statistical model calculations – especially when these are used to describe neutron capture. Several schemes for a transmutation of radioactive waste favor nuclear reactions with fast neutrons and these also influence the performance of various reactor types proposed to deliver nuclear energy together with only small quantities of such waste. Reactions with fast neutrons are less well studied as compared to those induced by thermal neutrons. As they are not easily accessible experimentally, reference is often made to calculations using the statistical model. Photon emission probabilities are needed as input to such calculations aiming for predictions on fission to capture ratios. Results of approximate calculations for radiative neutron capture will be presented.
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